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KNOG LED BILBY Hi Powered HeadLamp Torch-USB Rechargeable-Silicone Band

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The Knog Bilby can keep shining its full 400 lumens of brightness for over five hours, which should be enough to let you illuminate the water until daylight when you’re fishing in the wee hours or light the way back to camp when you find yourself a good distance away when dark sets in. In case you want to conserve your power, that’s an option, too, as it offers over different brightness settings, allowing you to fire up the exact light intensity required in any condition. Put on the lowest setting when you’re simply checking for some gear in the tent, turn it up to 200 lumens when you’re searching for something in the woods, and blow it up to the full capability when you need maximum illumination.

It’s IP67 rated for dust and water, so you can take this on the dustiest trails in the wettest weather without worrying about damaging the electronics. Suffice to say, you don’t have to treat this gently, whether you’re in the beach, the backcountry, or the basement, trying to do repairs after the lights go out in your home.

The Knog Bilby has six lighting modes (boost, mid, wide, spot, red, and reading), each with four brightness settings, so you can cycle through the exact type of light you need for every activity. The boost, by the way, is a special setting that turns the brightness up to full power for 10 minutes, regardless of the battery remaining, which can be useful for those moments you require brief bursts of strong illumination. Because it offers a whopping 24 settings, the lamp comes with a companion app that lets you customize everything, so you can get rid of settings you don’t need to streamline operation in the field.

  • Powerful 400 Lumens
  • Up To 90 Hour Battery Life
  • Lightweight at just 90 grams
  • Form fitting comfort
  • Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • Seven LED modes
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Boost mode
  • Lock mode
  • Easy adjust silicone strap
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Bonus Description Super Comfortable!!!...Super Powerful!!!...Great Value!!!...
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