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Panasonic ey75a7xBONUSEY9L42 Dual Voltage 14.4v/18v Brushless Impact Driver Cordless Skin BONUS Battery

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The Panasonic EY75A7 impact driver is a dual voltage model, which means that it is compatible with both 18v and 14.4v Panasonic batteries. 

Improvements made over the previous model include a new “self-drilling screw mode”, improved durability, improved brushless motor, and a stylish new “carbon black” design. 

What Are The Key Features Of This 18v Panasonic Impact Driver?

  • Tough Tool IP56 dust and splash protection means that you can use this tool in any conditions.
  • Self-drilling screw mode: the tool starts at the highest speed to cut the hole, then transfers to “hard” (high-impact) mode to cut the thread. After that the load is reduced, so the tool switches to “soft” (soft-impact) mode to limit potential thread stripping.
  • New brushless motor is more powerful, more compact, and more well-balanced. It will provide you with up to 200% more cycles, and has a thicker motor shaft to provide greater strength for heavy-duty use.
  • Improved durability: see below for details.
  • Improved drivetrain design reduces “centre run-out”, improves accuracy, reduces damage to the screw, and allows smoother driving with lower noise and vibration levels even during heavy usage.
  • Hard, medium, and soft modes are ideal for fastening long bits and bolts, furniture, and plasterboard respectively.
  • 3-speed provides even more application flexibility.
  • Electric brake improves user and tool protection.
  • Usability features include improved anti-slip grip pattern, belt hook, LED worklight, and tapered bit holder that enable quick and easy bit changes.
  • Superb battery technology

What Improvements Have Been Made To Durability?

  • Housing: metal plates have been added where the battery locks into the tool. This helps to prevent wear and tear caused by abrasion and vibration during heavy use.
  • Anvil: the redesign and improvement of anvil materials has increased the durability of the impact parts, which ensures a longer service life and increased overall performance.
  • Switch: the hybrid switch uses rigid metal parts in the trigger for 200% more durability compared to the previous switch model.
  • Motor: thicker motor shaft (φ5mm) ensures greater strength, for heavy-duty use.
  • Elastomer Bumper: increased amounts of rubber and resin coating on the bottom of the tool which help prevent damage if dropped from elevated areas.
  • Voltage: 14.4v and 18.0v
  • Charging time (usable/full): 65/80min
  • Max. torque (low): 26Nm
    Max. torque (medium): 120Nm
    Max. torque (high): 160Nm

  • No-load speed (low): 0-950 rpm
    No-load speed (medium): 0-1.450 rpm
    No-load speed (high): 0-2.500 rpm
  • Impacts (low): 0-1.900 ipm
    Impacts (medium): 0-2.900 ipm
    Impacts (high): 0-3.100 ipm
  • Max standard tensil bolt t=10mm: M6 - M16
    Max high tensil bolt t=10mm: M6 - M12
  • Size (W x L x B): 66 x 118 x 242mm
  • Weight (incl. battery): 1.7kg
  • Wood screws in yellow pine (4.2x75mm): 700
    Self-drilling screws in SPC (4x13mm t=1.6mm): 980
    Standard tensil bolt (M16x25mm t=10mm): 1.150
    Standard tensil bolt (M12x25mm t=10mm): 2.700
    High tensil bolt (M12x25mm t=10mm): 360

Panasonic EY75A7X Kit Includes

1 x EY75A7X Impact Driver- Bare Unit ONLY

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