POWERS KF2 Chemical Injections System Twin Pack KF2x2

POWERS KF2 Chemical Injections System Twin Pack

The KF2 adhesive system consists of a cartridge and a static mixing nozzle for use in attaching reinforcing bar and threaded rod to concrete, brickwork, and blockwork. It is suitable for close to edge and high vibration applications and can be used with the studs, mesh sleeves and accessories.

KF2 adhesive is packaged in a 420ml co-axial dispensing cartridge which includes a special drive unit. A manually operated tool is used to dispense the adhesive which is designed for use in the installation of threaded rod in solid concrete and masonry materials. It can also be used with mesh tubes and threaded rod in hollow masonry base materials. KF2 adhesive mortar bonds the anchor rod to the base material so no expansion forces are exerted against the walls of the hole in the base material. This makes the mortar ideal for use in anchoring to a variety of base materials ranging from soft common brick to hard stone. KF2 cartridges contain 420 ml of material. The cartridge is designed for use with the Multi PRO dispensing tool CGPRO-4, designed for use with all Powers adhesives.

KF2 can also be dispensed using the dedicated CG380KF2 gun.Each cartridge has pre-measured amounts of resin and hardener. The cartridges are supplied with a special mixing nozzle to insure complete and proper mixing of the components. As the components are pumped through the mixing nozzle, they pass through a series of static mixing elements. The elements properly divide and
recombine the components to provide precise automatic mixing.