QUICKPATCH Self Adhesive Repair Patch - SMALL 75mm x 150mm QPS



Easy to apply | No mixing | No weighing

  • A unique easy to use sunlight-activated self-adhesive repair patch.
  • Fibreglass reinforced with polyester.
  • Good adhesion properties for long lasting repairs.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Not harmful on skin.


  • Residential, Commercial and Civil Construction.
  • Mining.
  • Automotive, Truck and Transport.
  • Marine, Boating, Recreational Water Craft and Surfboards.
  • Campers and Trailers.
  • Sporting and Gym Equipment.
  • Garden and Irrigation.
  • Factory, Office and Yard.
  • Fences and Pools.
  • Tanks and Barrels.
  • DIY Home Projects.
  • Can multiple layers be applied?
Yes, when additional strength is required. We recommend no more than 5 layers at one time, letting each layer cure fully before applying next patch.
  • Is patch adhesive harmful to skin?
No, but it is advisable to wash hands with soap and water after use.

  • Is cured or uncured patch flammable?

  • What is the maximum adhesion force?
3.44 MPa (500 PSI).

  • What is the tempreture range after curing?
-40°C to 200°C.

  • Is preperation of surface required?
Yes, light sanding suggested.

  • Can patch be used on wet surfaces?
Not recommended.

  • Are UV omitting fixtures available?
UV omitting features are more commonly known as black light. Yes, they are available.



1 each of Small (75x150mm), Medium (150x225mm) and Large (225x300mm)