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TGC Industrial Black Nitrile Disposable Work Gloves-100Pack-Extra Large 160004

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THE WORLDS TOUGHEST DISPOSABLE GLOVES Superior protection with durability. Our Black Lightning gloves have been specifically designed for use in the automotive repair & paint trade. Unsurpassed comfort for extended wear time. Ideal for auto detailing, painting, changing oil or other maintenance type jobs

Trade Quality Gloves:

  • Stronger - Thicker - More Chemically Resistant
  • Flash Chlorinated and Quadruple rinsed in both hot and cold water to remove all curing chemicals so hands don't sweat as much for better comfort and longer wear.
  • Latex Free - Vinyl Free - MBT Free
  • Textured palm and fingers makes holding onto your work a whole lot easier.
  • Provides better barrier protection from: Oils - Fuels - Solvents - Cleaners - Chemicals - Transmission fluid
  • 100% nitrile (acrylon nitrile, butadiene)
  • High chemical and puncture resistance
  • No offensive odor or taste
  • Tape and labels do not stick to or tear gloves
  • Unsurpassed comfort for extended wear

Ideal for:

  • Auto detailing
  • Auto Restoration
  • Painting
  • Mechanics
  • Oil change
  • Transmission repair
  • Brake service centers
  • Lube centers
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