Which types of tools use compressed air? 

The most common air tools are paint sprayers, air wrenches, air sanders, nail guns and air drills.

What are the advantages of using air tools?

  • Air tools provide a lot more force than power tools driven by electric motors.
  • Air tools have fewer moving parts and no electric motor to wear out making them more durable than power tools or cordless tools.
  • Air tools can be used where tools creating spark can't such as service stations or other areas with highly flammable product enviroments 
  • Their durability and simplicity make them ideal for extended use in large-scale construction projects and in commercial factory work applications.

What extra equipment do I need to use air tools?

  • To operate air tools, you will need a compressed air source, filtration and safety gear.
  • Ensure that air compressor has a filter & air regulator
  • Always wear goggles and any other safety gear specified by the air tool and air compressor safety instructions.

What can I do to maintain my air tool?

  • Run the air tool at the right pressure
  • Always have a clean air source by having the appropriate filtration to remove water from air lines
  • Oil air tools regurlarly with quality air tool oil as per instruction manual of tool
  • Use accessories that are sharp & of a high quality grade to avoid extra load on the air tool 

How much air pressure is needed to operate an air tool?

  • Most air tools will need at least 70psi (pounds per square inch) to operate.
  • Most air tools will have markings or stickers on tool to stipulate max pressure 
  • Always check the instructions that come with your air tools and adjust the air compressor to fit the specifications.

I have lost my air tool’s instruction manual. Where can I get a replacement?

  • Most suppliers will have a library of instruction manuals on their website available for you to download.
  • If you find these are not available online, call the manufacturer as they will have them

If for some reason your not sure please always check instruction manual of tool or contact your nearest store for advice & assistance