Garrick Herbert Pty Ltd was established in March 1981 as the newest member of the Herbert Engineering Group. Its parent company, R.R. Bramley & Co. Ltd was founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1921 by Richard Bramley as an Engineering workshop. Philip Herbert purchased the company in 1954 and commenced production of the ‘BRAMLEY’ range of small engineering machine tools. Exports of these products to Australia grew to the stage that his youngest son, Myles Herbert, moved to Sydney to establish Garrick Herbert P/L as a local base for distribution of the range throughout Australia. To complement the Bramley range, international brands for allied quality products were introduced. Early additions were the Asada Threading Machines and Irega Adjustable Wrenches - both now market leaders in Australia. In 1987 manufacturing at the Sydney operation began with the introduction of ‘Bramley - Aust Made’ sheetmetal Curving Rolls. Following the success of that product range LINISHALL, the brand leader in Belt Grinding, was purchased in 1991 and integrated into the Sydney facility. The company now represents a diverse collection of reputable manufacturers from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Spain, Thailand, China and other countries and distributes their products through Industrial Supply and Machinery Merchants throughout Australia. Only the highest quality products suitable for industrial trade users are selected. Products include: hand and machine tools, machinery, lifting and materials handling equipment, cutting oils and absorbents, etc.
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