Metabo manufactures electric power tools for today's professionals - who want to be sure they can rely on their equipment tomorrow as well. This commitment has made Metabo a household name in more than 100 countries. Metabo originated 75 years ago and concentrated initially on manufacturing hand held equipment. The name Metabo came from the abbreviated name of one such tool - the Metallbohrdreher ( a metal twist drill). Nowadays Metabo manufactures electric power tools for almost every conceivable application - from wood and metal work right through to garden tools.

 Because your safety is priceless

Metabo angle grinders, hedge trimmers, rotary hammers and circular saws feature a Safety Clutch to protect you and your machine. If the grinder disc or drill bit jams in the job, the Safety Clutch automatically provides protection against dangerous kickback. In addition to protecting the user, the Safety Clutch also helps to protect the gearbox and the motor, consequently prolonging the life of the tool.

For ergonomic design that delivers greater comfort and superior handling

Each Metabo product has been ergonomically designed for your personal comfort and safety. Hand-held tools are designed to ensure you maintain a firm grip and minimise strain to your forearms and upper body. Likewise, the Metabo range of stationary tools is designed to ensure safe operating and maximise user comfort. This way, you can keep going and going while Metabo does the job for you.

For solid metal gear wheels that go the distance

Made in Germany and built to last, the gear wheels of Metabo tools are solid metal, not plastic as commonly found in power tools. For you that means unmatched durability and consistent delivery of power.

 Because efficient power delivery means greater durability

The strength and durability of Metabo's entire range of power tools lie in their efficient power delivery system.

Each Metabo cordless drill is powered by a strong, reliable magneto industrial motor, which has large power reserves to protect against the damage caused by overheating. The Metabo Marathon range of products features the highly renowned 'marathon motor' which has the grunt to go the distance. The unique winding protection and epoxide powder coating on the coil winding make the motor completely impervious to harmful dust. The winding protection grid offers additional protection against abrasive effects of dust.