Welcome to the VEK Tools – School Specialist Rewards Program

At VEK Tools we understand the needs and the struggle school face on a daily basis, whether it’s dealing with constant budget cuts, student damage to tools, wear and tear of tools and accessories, expedited use of consumables or even just inter departmental budget restraints.

Acquiring new tools or products to benefit your students is not always as simple as it looks, and can be quite frustrating at times.

We now have the solution for you!

We have created our unique rewards program that will enable you to earn points from each purchase you make whether you are purchasing tools, accessories, consumables, safety equipment or even work gear.
It’s that simple!

You will receive fantastic benefits as soon as you join and can redeem them at any time.

Earn enough points so you can enjoy the benefits of the program and give back to your school.


Collect points with every purchase The more purchases you make or referrals you send the more points you can accumulate when your referrals purchase from VEK Tools.
Manage your own account Create your own account on our website and enjoy the benefits of our referral program.
Newsletter signup! Signup to the VEK Schools newsletter for additional specials and news.
FREE On-site training VEK Tools deals with the most cutting edge and innovative power tool brands and trade related products in the market. Therefore according to your needs we can visit you on-site with readily available experts.
Access to the safest and most innovative tools in the market Safety is always in the forefront at VEK Tools. We are happy to advice or if needed seek the relevant information for the safest tools you require. 
Fast shipping Via Star Track Couriers, Australia Post No matter where you are in Australia we can organize your delivery straight to you.
In-House Service Centre Can offer you the correct professional advice to cover all trades & applications
Full Nationwide Warranty How many years do you offer? Is this an additional cost to the customer or free?
Replacement tool Are you able to offer a replacement tool, while one is in service?
FREE Expert Consultation on School kit-out Opening a new trade department in your school? We can assist with the best advice for kitting out your department in the market.
Invites to Personal development days Need extra points for your PD
Invites to exclusive sales events Enjoy exclusive invites to our all year round events
Student Workshops @ VEK Tools This workshop will provide students with a good understanding of all the tool range to assist with folio requirements for the School-Assessed Tasks
Comprehensive Product Range catering for all price points  
Enjoy our interest free installment plan What plan are you currently offering?



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Earning Points

The power tool shop that just keeps on giving!
More points are at the tip of your fingers



There are many ways to keep collecting points at the VEK Tools Schools Rewards Program!


  • Refer an apprentice to our apprentice program  = 40 points
    • If they purchase through VEK you will automatically receive 10% of bonus points from the total amount of their
    • All Referrals must be new customers to VEK Tools
  • Join our newsletter = 20 points
  • Double & Triple BONUS points will be offered throughout our school dedicated campaign in the year
  • Attend our exclusive sales = 20 points
  • Like us on FaceBook = 10 points
  • Send us a video testimonial or picture at your school= 30 points
  • Send your tools for repair at our repair centre = 40 points
  • Earn more than 10,000 points and receive a FREE ‘Safety is Key’ banner from VEK Tools.

Redeeming Points

  • School Members must be registered to redeem points. 

  • School Members may redeem points when their account balance is 500 points or greater. The minimum balance must be reached each time a school member redeems
  • A school member may redeem points for a reward at any of VEK Tools stores or online. When a school member redeems points, the points are deducted from the point balance of a member’s account.
  • Rewards may be used in conjunction with other discounts or offers toward the purchase of products, as long as they do not exceed the purchase amount.

Terms & Condtions

VEK Tools reserves the right to change the VEK Tools Specialist School Rewards Program contents and offers and its Terms and Conditions at any time, and any decision by the company is final.
The VEK Tools School Specialist club (School Club) is a loyalty rewards program offered by VEK Tools. Customers may become a member of the School club by registering at www.vektools.com.au/schools . For information about a member’s account or other questions about the School club please call 0431058299.


  • These Terms and Conditions apply to all School club Program (“the Program”) transactions.
  • In these Terms and Conditions, VEK Tools LTD is referred to as “VEK Tools”.


  • By registering a school member accepts these Terms and Conditions
  • You must be a certified and registered school to register to this program.
  • Membership is free.
  • Each school member is responsible for keeping their contact details current at www.vektools.com.au/schools


  • We reserve the right to withdraw, add to or vary any of the terms and conditions of the Program at any time without notice. This includes modifying, altering, adding or deleting Program benefits, point values, redemption levels, conversion ratios, reward delivery methods and conditions for active status. These changes may affect the value of the points or benefits already accumulated.
  • Active account status applies to accounts that have earned points or redeemed points within the previous 24 months. All other accounts will be classified as inactive.
  • We reserve the right to suspend or cancel the Program or any element of the Program at any time by announcement on our website www.vektools.com.au/schools We will not be liable for the suspension or cancellation of the Program on any account including (without limitation) for any points balance in a member’s account at the time of suspension or cancellation. 

  • We reserve the right to suspend or cancel a member’s account, without notice, if the account is inactive. We will not be liable for the suspension or cancellation including (without limitation) for any points balance in a member’s account at the time of suspension or cancellation. 

  • We reserve the right to suspend or cancel a member’s account, without notice, if we suspect the account is being used for fraudulent or illegal purposes. We will not be liable for the suspension or cancellation including (without limitation) for any points balance in a member’s account at the time of suspension or cancellation. 

  • We will use the information you provide us and your account transactional history to send you information on promotions, offers, events, invitations and information on your account. Your transaction history may be used to personalise offers, promotions, event and invitations.

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